We invite you to explore bath & body products that will help meet your every day skin care needs. Our products are made with natural ingredients chosen to enhance the skins natural restorative properties, regain and/or maintain that youthful glow, and allow you to experience a gentle skin care treat in every jar. 

The Day Dreaming Collection is designed to activate your day with a burst of intensity. It is full of energetic citrus tones like lemon, grapefruit and orange. 

The Field of Dreams Collection is designed for daily use. It is infused with heavier tones like the uplifting scent of eucalyptus and the calming aroma of chamomile. 

The Dream Catcher Collection is designed to soothe the stresses of the day away. With key fragrances like lavender, peppermint, and rosemary, you will be sure to get a good nights rest and wake feeling rejuvinated.




Our Story

June 15, 2015 my brother was diagnosed with a grade 4 primary glioblastoma (Brain Cancer). From being told there was little doctors could do, to needing to set his affairs in order, I was determined to find a way to help my 30 year old brother live and not die. This began an extensive journey of researching and reading essentially everything cancer related, from food to herbs and anything in between. My family had to make a change, starting with watching the things we were putting in our body and on our skin.

I was amazed to read of all the chemicals we put in our body on a daily bases, from the food we eat to the soaps we use, even the healthiest of us. Jada (my brother) had to go through a bout of combined chemo-radiation therapy, which resulted in darkening of his skin, hair loss, dryness etc. I set out to discover natural products that would restore moisture and even out his skin tone. Along with faith and prayer, we set out on a journey of natural and holistic living. We would minimize the use of unnatural and chemically induced products used in our day to day lives. 

M Collective Care was born out of a need for answers, a mission to heal and an effort to prolong life through better overall health and wellbeing. Almost one year later, medicine cabinets and shower cabinets look dramatically different in every member's family of the Morrow Clan. It wasn't long after that, request were being made. What started as a family effort and a heartfelt journey in the kitchen of two sisters, is now a brand of soaps, lotions, oils and other skin care products we want to share with you in love hoping you will experience the same great benefits we have been blessed to see.



This is my brother Jada and his family!